This set is fun! Customize a tote bag, a pouch or your garments with stencils!

We cut the stencils for you with your name, a special number or word. 5 stenciled words are possible. Please provide your custom words during checkout into the field “Special instructions“. We have A-Z, 0-9 and as special characters only period, dash and slash

Place the stencil on the textile. Press down the paper tightly on the fabric. Take up only a little color with the sponge and dab it through the stencil. Do not paint, just dab. It's better to dab a thin layer of color than to take too much paint and get unclean results.

The white stencil color you get from us is premium textile color. It is dry within 72 hours. If ironed hot from the back the color is fixed so you can wash the textile at 30° Celsius.

If you have color on your fingers or on material you can clean it easily with standard wet wipes. Please protect your clothing and work table for splashes.

We cut the stencils from paper so they can only be used once but you get 2 stencils each word.

The set contains:
- 5 custom cut paper stencils
- a jar of premium white textile paint, a sponge
- 1 tote bag or 1 pencil case, or just the stencils, please choose from the menu

About stencils:
We cut the stencils with our manual stencil cutter from 1950 which was used for marking bags and barrels in the Hamburg harbour. By turning a wheel each letter or number is selected and cut out of a paper card. The paper stencil is then used to paint through directly on the material.

Since the late 19th century stenciling was the most common method of printing information on materials, garments, boxes, cars and other industrial equipment in an easy and fast way.

Especially in the USA stencils were used to mark military clothing and equipment. In the 70s the youth expressed their anti-war statement by wearing vintage military clothing. Original vintage military clothes like the U.S. Navy Deck Jackets, sweat shirts or watch caps are highly sought after collectors' items and the stencil lettering is an often quoted design element in fashion.

Stencils are easy and fun to use to personalize shirts, sweaters and bags to get this unique, cool, vintage military look.

We manufacture your order in 2-3 workdays.

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